Increase your profit

on draft beer!

Monitor your beer sales and improve

your business with our real-time data

Increased profit

X-Flow gives you the control to cut down on draft beer waste by 50% caused by spillage, overpours and theft. You will have more money in your wallet at the end of the day.

Save time

Time is money, we all know that… Our platform can save you up to 20 hours of boring paperwork each month by doing the inventory and sales summaries.


Our app notifies bartenders before a keg runs dry for the smooth keg change. Alerts are sent to you at critical stock levels and whenever something suspicious is going on.


No matter where you are X-Flow enables you to manage your venue remotely in real-time. Live in the moment and get an instant oversight of your bar.


We provide unbreakable security by using high-end encryption to make sure your data is always safe on our cloud server. No one else can gain access except for you only.


Never miss a detail anymore. Our advanced analytics platform provides insights on top-selling beers, pricing and a lot more that can enhance your business’ efficiency.

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How does it work?

X-Flow installs IoT sensors on your beer taps and optionally in your beer lines that keep track of your beer sales.

Our smart devices are connected to our Cloud server where we process the incoming data. As a result you can monitor your bar on our user-friendly platform.


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Check keg levels

You can always check each keg's actual level in real-time. Before a keg runs dry, we will notify you or your bartender so that you have time to prepare the new keg.

See details by beer type

You can check the daily sales, the time the keg was opened and the actual stock for every beer type. When stock is at a critical level, simply add new kegs to your shopping list.

Control all your bars remotely

You cannot always check on all your venues personally to see if everything is right. That's why we built a platform, where you can  efficiently manage all of them no matter where you are.

Get more insights on beer sales

Our charts let you learn more about your customers and their habits. You can see which are the top-selling beers and when your customers are buying them. The more you understand their habits the better you'll be able to target them with your offers.